About Us

We are very glad to inform you about this foundation which runs Gurudev Psychoanalytical Therapy And Research Center (GPTRC). Basically this organization is working on psychoanalytical observation studies. under the guidance of Prof.Gajendra F. Sarpate, who is the President of ‘Gurudev Foundation Society’.Reg. No under Act 1860 MAHA-80/2009/AKL And Reg No. Under B.P.T. Act 1950 F- 12954-AKL  and F-4672-WSM.

For the last fifteen years this organization has been working on psychoanalytical observation studies for human development, like chindren, parents, young people and adult by using psychoanalytical psychotherapy and psychoanalytical test through study observation, research and practical method using for emotional and educational development.

We have developed self reflection tools, shall help students to make appropriate changes in their personalities.
            We strongly hope to appreciate of this unique work for the wider interest of society. We have designed “Self Reflecting Tools” on various             dimensions of personality traits.

This is where the properly designed mirror might prove to be of some help to judge one’s own personality.

This GPTRC organization conducts seminar, workshop and training programs held at various locations.