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To Inspire and Empower the youth.

Emotion-Mind Power Education Development Workshop

Mr. Gajendra Sarpate
( M.Sc., B.Ed., LL.B.)
( Research in Observational Studies & Emotion Violence )

History of Learning
Get Exposed Emotion to Develop Mind Power & Education

Emotional Development By

Mind Power Devlopment BY

  • Psychotherapy
  • Conscious Mind
  • Music Therapy
  • Sub Conscious Mind
  • Behavior
  • Super Conscious Mind

    In the modern era of competitive world and inner ugre to develop a personality of the self is the inner motive of every individual. However the mere urge to develop the personality is not enough. For this the person required the true reflections of one’s own attitude and behavior. Of course!, such reflection requires a good qualitymirror.

    Absence of suchmirroris the real difficulty for the adolescent and the younger generation. This is the age group when an individual finds its difficult to get the proper feedback from hispeer group, teachersandparental society. More over even the true feedback may not necessarily being“Scientific for an individual”.

    This is where the properly designed mirror might prove to be of some help to judge one’s own personality.

    In Sept. 2010, GPTRC introducing,'young peoples' counselling service ( YPCS )- This offers for consultations( Confidential counselling sessions) to people aged 16-30 who feel they have an emotional problem and wish to talk it over with a proffessional who can, at this stage, help them to think about it and put into words feelings and thoughts they may not have been able to think about before. It is then left to the young person to follow it up . If and when s/he feels the need to do so.


    • This organization creates awareness and interest in society for emotional, educational and social problems.

    • Also we wish the organization develop or recognized for national and international level.

    • We strongly hope that GPTRC shall try its level best and achieving for its dreams, if people can with us.

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