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  1. GPTRC is working for emotional and educational development of children, parents, young people and adults by using psychoanalytic psychotherapy, music therapy and behavior therapy for human development.

  2. Prof. Gajendra Sarpate, Director of GPTRC who himself holds a post graduation degree in science and with teaching experience in educational field and law graduation. Also has undergone courses in personality development is now serving the young generation by way of psychoanalytical observational  studies, for emotional and educational development. In addition to this his valuable guidance to the participants on completing the test helps them to understand their generic personality traits. Similarly such designing self reflecting tools on various dimension of personality traits are implemented at the following fields.
  1. Emotional, educational development for all streams of school and college students.

  2. To develop professional education like D.Ed., B.Ed. And technical education.

  3. Education Department encourage for all Teachers and Headmasters.

  4. Social workers training program B.S.W., M.S.W. for properly working in the field.

  5. To control any suicide case from frustration, venereal diseases and drug addict.

  6. To encourage the relation between civilians and police department or law field organization.

  7. Any jail for all types of criminals develop good relation to control crime.

  8. All administrative offices and its employees to achieve Co-operation and encourage for solving problems.

  9. Medical field for all Nursing Staff, Doctor’s and paramedical staff to maintain dignity.

  10. Create an awareness in people for HIV-AIDS programs.

  11. To provide family life education for parents.

  12. To conduct social activity program.


All above mentioned programs and conducted by using psychoanalytical psychotherapy and psychoanalytical test. The test is following by the discussion and queries by the participants which make the session live and very fruitful.


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